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Altius Gymnastics
Team Newsletter

Pathfinders Donations

Thank you to everyone who brought in a Pathfinders donation last week during the parties. Please continue to bring in donations this week. There will be a box in the team parent room this week for additional donations. We’d like to reach $300 – an average of $2 per team gymnast - and right now we are at $53. Let’s make up the difference over the next few days!  

Winter Break Plans

Girls Developmental, Xcel 1 & 2, Level 4 Teams
NO practice Friday, December 20 through Wednesday, January 1. Practice resume Thursday, January 2.

Girls Level 6 & 7 Practices
Monday, December 23; 9am – 12:00
Friday, December 27; 9am – 12:00
Monday, December 30; 2pm – 5pm

Xcel 3 Practice
Monday, December 23; 9am – 11:30
Monday, December 30; 2:30 – 5:00

Girls 8 & 9 and Boys Teams will be sent home separately


Friday, December 20
Practice Meet at 5:00 for Levels 6 – 9, Xcel III teams
NO practice for Developmental Team, Girls Level 4 Team
YES regular practice for Boys Team

There are still regular classes the night of the practice meet so seating will be limited. Due to classes still running, gymnasts will compete on balance beam in the back of the gym, floor in the front of the gym, and vault and bars as usual. We will set up extra seating in the front of the gym, but beam will be difficult to view. Parents will not be allowed to walk through the gym for beam. As always, we will not be flashing scores during the meet. Coaches will receive feedback from the judges that they will share with their gymnasts. Scores may be shared with gymnasts at the coaches’ discretion. 

Competition Recap; L4 State & Strongman

 Level 4 State

The Girls Level 4 Team competed at their state meet in Appleton on December 7! State can be a challenging atmosphere; nerves are heightened and there’s a lot going on with two sets of equipment and the random draw order to keep track of. Overall, the team showed a lot of improvement over the season and a few of the gymnasts had season high all arounds! Next up for this group, we’ll be spending a few weeks working on new skills, increasing strength, and improving body shapes. After the new year, our focus will shift to tuning up Level 4 routines for the Pink Meet and Chicago Style. New gymnasts from the Developmental Team will be invited to join this group in late February/March.


Boys Strongman Invite

Our Level 4, 5, 6 and JD Teams competed at their first meet of the season on December 15 at Altius. We hosted over 100 gymnasts from 8 teams from around the state. Thank you to all the volunteers for your time and energy!

The boys experienced some “first meet jitters” but many were able to settle down after the first few events and finish strong. Going into the next meet at M&M, the team is going to focus on improving their stuck landings and having a calm and focus mindset at the start of the meet. 

Around the Gym 

Competition Season Guidelines for Parents, Gymnasts, and Coaches

It’s the nature of the sport that stressful situations at meets will arise. As a general rule, we ask that you respect the coach-gymnast relationship and avoid interfering in difficult situations unless asked for assistance by the coach. We recognize that there are certain times that a quick hug from mom and dad can go a long way! Please be aware of our coaching policies for certain situations.

 1. Balking / Scary fall during timed warm up

Occasionally, a gymnast will refuse to warm up a particular skill (generally out of fear/anxiety) or experience a scary fall that doesn’t result in injury, but definitely shakes their confidence. When faced with this situation, coaches will always start by determining what is in the best interest of the gymnast and get the gymnast’s opinion on how to proceed. If possible, the coach will have the gymnast substitute or eliminate the problematic skill. In some cases, “scratching” (not competing) the event may be the best course of action for the gymnast’s mental and physical well being. Coaches will alert the gymnast’s parents of the decision, and expect their professional opinion to be respected.

 2. Crying

Tears can spring from a number of different sources at a gymnastics meet. Generally they appear after a disappointing performance. The coaches use a number of tools to try to eliminate tears. In general, we feel that crying during the competition can bring the entire team down, so we work on different ways to calm kids down as quickly as possible: get a drink, have fun with teammates, draw, etc. I’ve recently started giving kids a set timer – you get 2 minutes to feel upset/disappointed/frustrated and then it’s time to move on. This really has worked well with kids of all ages. We speak about being good teammates at practice and during happy competition times and try to teach kids how to navigate jealousy, frustration, and disappointment before it happens at a meet.

3. Injury/illness


Parents always have the final say on taking kids out of meets/events due to injury or illness; no questions asked. If you determine your child is unable to compete the day of the competition, please text the appropriate coach (see numbers below). Keep in mind there are no refunds within 4 weeks of the meet. In the case of minor injuries that happen at the meet, coaches use their best judgement and knowledge of their athlete once they have calmed down / gotten a drink / hug from mom & dad to determine if they continue competing. Any incident resulting in swelling, excessive bruising, suspected concussion, or vomiting; gymnasts MUST be scratched from the meet. 



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