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Our Ninja Philosophy

  • Challenging

    Our goal is to get your children moving and to build excitment towards strength, fitness, and movement. Ninja stations and courses are designed to challenge even our most experienced Ninjas. Class age divisions ensure a learning environment that is geared towards the appropriate size and ability level. Skill tracking and challenges allow our students to always strive for their new Personal Best.

  • Personal

    Classes are divided by age to create a more personal experience for our students. Boys & girls ages 4 - 5 join our Ninja Mini program that scales down obstacles to their size and ability level. Children ages 6 - 8 take fuller advantage of our Ninja equipment while also working to their skill level in the Junior program. Ages 9 - 14 continue being challenged through Ninja Senior and Masters.

  • Accomplishment

    Students develop strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, and confidence as they master new skills. Our curriculum fosters a sense of accomplishment in every child by breaking down elements into progressive segments and courses. Our Wall of Fame and Weekly Challenges, combined with our robust skill tracking system, allow our Ninjas to see their progression and successes.

Ninja Mini

Ninja Classes

Our Ninja Classes teach children the skills and strategies to accomplish their Ninja goals! Children work on a variety of obstacles with a focus on strength, agility, flexibility, and problem solving. Rolling, jumping, climbing, and swinging are covered in a focused environment, with classes seperated by age.

Ninja Mini | Ages 4 - 5 Years | 50 Minutes
Ninja Junior | Ages 6 - 8 Years | 60 Minutes
Ninja Senior | Ages 9 - 12 Years | 60 Minutes
Ninja Masters | Ages 11 - 15 Years | 60 Minutes

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Ninja Climbing

Ninja Climbing

Ages 7 - 12 Years | 50 Minutes | New for Fall!

Just climbing, all the time! Our new climbing classes challenge students with a variety of challenges on our auto-belay walls, climbing routes, and grip stations.

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Ninja League

Ninja League

Ages 6 - 14 Years

Ninja League is our Seasonal Competition series. Compete in four events with two courses each.

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Ninja Elite

Ninja Elite

Ages 6 - 14 Years | 75 Minutes

Ninja Elite is an invite-only program for children with exceptional strength, agility, drive, and discipline. Classes focus on accomplishing our most difficult obstacles in an accelerated environment, with an additional emphasis on strength training.

Ninja Team

Ages 7 - 14 Years | 85 Minutes | Invite Only

Ninja Team is an invite-only group that prepares individuals for competition in UNAA sanctioned events. Students have practice once a week, receive free entry to all Ninja Open Practice times (advanced registration is still required) and 20% off League Seasons.

Questions about Elite or Team? Interested in a Try-out? Contact

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