Don't let the name fool you! Altius is about more than just Gymnastics!
We also offer instruction in Ninja, Tumbling, Aerial Silks, and Homeschool Fitness. Which sport are you primarily interested in?


Gymnastics classes at Altius are organized first by age, and then by skill level.

Ages Walking to 5 Years - Kindergym Classes

All classes are Co-ed

Age Walking - 2 Age 2 - 3 Ages 3 - 4 Age 4 - 5
Sparks Sparklers Flares Flames

Ages 5-6 Years - Beginner / Class 1

Ages 6-9 Years - Class 1/2 & 3/4

Boys (With No or Limited Experience) Boys (With Skills Met) Girls (With No or Limited Experience) Girls (With Skills Met)
Boys Class 1-2 Boys Class 3-4 Girls Class 1-2 Girls Class 3-4

Ages 9-14 Years - Class 3/4, Novice, Advanced

Boys Aged 9+ Girls (With Limited Experience) Girls (With Skills Met)
Boys Class 3-4 Novice 1-2 Advanced 3-4


Girls 6+ Can Join In-House League
Girls Select is for ages 4-7 and is by Invite Only

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Ninja Classes are Organized by Age

All classes are Co-ed

Age 4 - 5 Age 6 - 8 Ages 9 - 12 Ages 11 - 15
Ninja Mini Ninja Junior Ninja Senior Ninja Masters


Children 6+ Can Join Ninja League - Registration in a Ninja Class is not required.
Ninja Elite & Team are by Invite Only

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All classes are Co-ed

Youth Tumbling

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Aerial Silks Classes are Organized by Skill

All classes are Co-ed

No Experience Experience
Silks 1 Silks 2

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Express Homeschool Classes

Express Homeschool Classes are Co-ed and open to all children ages 5.5 to 14

Express Homeschool

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Competitive Teams

Altius has gymnastics teams for both boys and girls

Boys Invite Only Open to All Girls Age 6+ Girls Invite Only
Boys Team Girls In-House League Girls Teams

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