Altius means "Higher"

Taken from the Olympic Motto, Citius, Altius, Fortius
"Swifter, Higher, Stronger"

Altius is more than just Gymnastics! Since 1984 we've offered a variety of classes designed to teach children of all ages the importance of fitness and movement, while helping them to develop skills and confidence. With classes tailored to different age groups, interests, and abilities, Altius provides a welcoming environment for everyone to learn and grow.

  • State of the art, 35,000+ square foot facility
  • Recreational gymnastics, ninja, and aerial dance classes
  • Birthday parties, day camps, field trips, and other special events
  • Competitive Gymnastics and Ninja Teams
  • Hosted Competitions for USAG Gymnastics, UNAA Ninja, and In-house Options



Parent assisted and independent gymnastics classes for children aged one to five, with developmentally appropriate stations filled with shapes, colors, and tons of fun!


Age and skilled based recreational gymnastics classes for boys and girls ages 5 & up using traditional gymnastics equipment and a focus on progressive skills and movements.

Ninja Warrior

Training on obstacle courses, rock climbing, and building all of the strength and confidence needed for athletes to excel and smash their personal bests.
We also offer a travelling Ninja Team that competes each season with members reaching the UNAA World Championships.

Silks & Hoop

Our Silks and Hoops classess are for those both new to aerial arts as well as those with experience soaring high. Students build strength, flexibility, and grace as they master poses, drops, and sequences.

Gymnastics Teams

We offer USAG Men's and Women's Gymnastics Teams, including Developmental and Exel Programs, along with hosted sanctioned competitions each season.

Special Events

Bithdays, Field Trips, Camps, & More! We have event options for kids of all ages to jump, roll, and play.