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Altius offers INTRODUCTORY CLASSES for kids of all ages to get started in gymnastics. Aged-based beginner classes let students to sign up with friends and allow us to tailor our lesson plans and instruction-style to each age group. Our curriculum is designed to take 1 to 2 years to advance through the Introductory Skill Chart.

  • BOYS BEGINNER; boys in K5 through 2nd grade new to gymnastics or with Kindergym experience. Previously Boys 1-2.
  • YOUTH; girls in K5 new to gymnastics or with Kindergym experience. Previously Girls Beginner.
  • JUNIOR BEGINNER; girls in 1st and 2nd grade new to gymnastics or Youth gymnasts who need more time to master basic skills like forward rolls and cartwheels. Previously Girls 1-2.
  • SENIOR; girls in 3rd grade and up new to gymnastics or with limited previous experience. Gymnasts ages 9 & up in Junior classes who are working on mastering their handstands, bridges, and pull overs. Previously Novice 1-2.

Altius SKILL-BASED CLASSES are for gymnasts who have previous experience in an introductory class, are familiar with gymnastics terms, demonstrate an interest in learning, and have attained most of the skills on the Introductory Skill Chart.

  • BOYS ADVANCED; boys ages 7 - 12 who have been promoted from Boys Beginner. Previously Boys 3-4.
  • JUNIOR ADVANCED; girls ages 7 - 10 who have been promoted from Junior Beginner. Previously Girls 3-4.
  • SENIOR ADVANCED; girls ages 9 and up with extensive previous experience or have been promoted from Junior Advanced. Previously Advanced 3-4.
  • SELECT; an invite-only class for girls ages 5 - 7 years old who show above-average athletic ability and have a strong interest in learning and perfecting gymnastics skills.

Coming in September for the 23-24 School Year: JUNIOR INTERMEDIATE for gymnasts who have completed a year in Youth or Junior Beginner and are ready for a new challenge but haven't attained all of the Introductory skills needed for an ADVANCED class.

All KINDERGYM and NINJA classes remain age-based, with the exception of Ninja Elite which is by invite.